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To have more of a ‘bugger it’ mentality was my New Year’s resolution, which as forced me to finally start a blog. I wanted to talk more openly about some of the topics that people find uncomfortable and things that are important to me.

As many of you know I have suffered from poor mental health for a while now, specifically eating disorders which then led to further problems. This isn’t a sob story and I am not doing this for attention or sympathy. If anything it helps me to write everything down and get it all out. Hopefully I’ll be able to help some people in the process, at the least make you smile. Don’t worry, not everything I write about will be deep and meaningful and intense, each week I’m going to write about a different topic. It’s quite likely that some of it will be totally random, because there is no guessing what random bollocks will pop into my brain.

So prepare yourselves.

I want to make clear that I am not an expert in anything that I am going to write about so please don’t take what I say word for word. Also I have the grammatical ability of a 10 year old ( if that) so sorry in advance if there is the odd spelling or grammatical mistake along the way.

All My Love,


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